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Butler University
Irwin Library
Location: Indianapolis, IN

This project, a dynamic classroom and program area, forms a key part of the extensive master plan for Butler's Irwin Library, skillfully orchestrated by Synthesis. The vision was to establish a versatile 1,100 SF classroom, equipped with flexible furniture suitable for both small group studies and traditional lecture setups.

Nestled within the architectural context of the 1960s-era Minor Yamasaki library building, the project posed unique design challenges. It was imperative that the new addition not only paid homage to the original building's design but also incorporated the modern educational facilities expected by Butler Library's staff.

To achieve this, the design cleverly echoes the library's existing window and door patterns in its new storefront system, while wood paneling was selected to harmonize with other parts of the building. The integration of new technology was discreetly handled, with raceways for cables hidden within the walls and under the carpet, ensuring a seamless blend with the building's aesthetic.

Additionally, the project addressed the acoustical challenges posed by the hard-surfaced ceilings of the precast concrete structure. A spray-applied acoustical treatment is being employed to effectively manage sound transmission from the classroom to the neighboring library spaces, ensuring an optimal auditory environment.

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