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INDOT Clear Creek Welcome Center
Location: Terre Haute, IN
The Clear Creek Welcome Center is a testament to the rich history, captivating experiences, and beloved traditions associated with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Designed with three guiding principles, it offers a truly unique and immersive environment for visitors.

Design Inspiration: Reflecting the Indy 500 Experience
Drawing inspiration from the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” the design objective is to create an exceptional experience that reflects the excitement of the Indy 500. The exterior of the center features angled glass and metal brackets, creating a sense of movement and speed. The glass elements, arranged with a decreasing size, provide a forced perspective for those entering the Exhibit Hall, evoking the sensation of an Indy Car passing by at incredible speeds.
Traditions are honored through thoughtful design choices. The Celebration Wall, constructed with dichroic glass, showcases dynamic color shifts as visitors move across its surface, symbolizing the vibrant festivities of the Indy 500. The north side of the building proudly displays a representation of a checkered flag, elegantly capturing the essence of motion and victory.
Immersive Exhibit Hall: A Legacy of Speed and Innovation
Inside the Welcome Center, the Exhibit Hall embodies the legacy of speed and innovation. Metal and glass brackets, designed to resemble the Doppler sound effect of a racing car, rise towards visitors, creating an immersive atmosphere. Interactive displays, including a real Indy Car, offer a firsthand experience of the advanced technology and design incorporated into these high-performance machines. The space also features an interactive model of the Indianapolis 500 grounds, providing a deeper understanding of the track’s scale.
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