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Indiana Convention Center
Various Renovations & Improvements
Location: Indianapolis, IN

For more than ___ years, Synthesis has overseen a sequence of improvements at the Indianapolis Convention Center...............

Food Court

This project involved a major overhaul of the Maryland Landings Food Court at the Indiana Convention Center. Synthesis transformed two existing bays into a high-tech grab-and-go market with self-checkout, offering self-serve coffee, soda, and pre-packaged food. Digital screens replaced traditional branding, providing flexibility and sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, we introduced 24-hour "On-the-Go" kiosks with health-focused vending options, strategically placed near exhibit halls and meeting rooms, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Carpet Replacement

Lower Level Office Renovation

500 Ballroom Renovation

File Room Archival
Synthesis undertook a special project for the Capital Improvement Board of Managers of Marion County, focusing on cataloging, organizing, and archiving architectural plans and documentation for prominent public spaces in Indianapolis. This included well-known venues like Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indiana Convention Center, the RCA Dome, Gainbridge Fieldhouse, and Victory Field. With over 2000 drawings and documents cataloged, and more than half archived, Synthesis created a well-organized space for the CIB to reference pertinent documents and established a framework for future projects. This unique project exemplifies Synthesis' mission to Make A Difference for clients by improving operational success through diverse talents.

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