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GM Stamping - Riverfront View.jpg
General Motors Stamping Plant Site
Vision Plan
Location: Indianapolis, IN
The Indianapolis waterfront, historically overlooked, is now at the forefront of an exciting revitalization. With ongoing cleanup efforts, there's a fresh opportunity to breathe new life into the riverfront, integrating it more closely with adjacent parks, neighborhoods, and the city itself. Synthesis, leading the charge, has put together a team dedicated to transforming this area into a vibrant, connected urban space.

Revitalizing the Waterfront
The team focused on understanding how an invigorated waterfront could stimulate neighborhood development and foster connections across the river. This exploration involved assessing underused parcels in the vicinity, particularly those that could benefit from the waterfront's transformation.


Area Plan Cropped.jpg
With the riverfront already under examination, Synthesis was commissioned to conduct a visioning study for the GM Stamping Plant site along the river. This crucial part of the project involved extensive stakeholder engagement, with over 25 interviews including neighborhood associations, city officials, and corporate stakeholders. The insights gained from these discussions were instrumental in shaping a multi-year vision plan for the site.
Design and Development Strategy
The proposed design solution aims to reintroduce density and scale in a manner befitting the neighborhood's character. The plan includes a diverse mix of single-family homes, condominiums, mixed-use spaces, offices, and entertainment options, spread over the 104-acre site.

Innovative Infrastructure Integration
A key aspect of the design is the development of unique infrastructure solutions. These are intended to reconnect this once isolated neighborhood with the broader city, overcoming barriers posed by the river and rail line. This strategic integration promises not only to revive the area but also to create a seamless urban fabric that extends across the riverfront.
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