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Creative Process

Projects never start with answers or preconceived notions. Our team believes the success of a project begins with an immersion in information gathering and listening. Our job is to listen to you and your stakeholders, understand the project needs and accommodate institutional approaches while offering new methods and opportunities for you to consider.

Responsible Creativity is our creative process that sparks unique ways to envision project solutions. Comprised of four distinct components completed prior to the traditional design phases where others begin; Discovery, Visioning, Ideation, and Creation provide a rich and untethered exploration of ideas grounded in client goals, market research, trending analysis, and secondary market influences with project budgets in mind. The release from conventional and preconceived design notions positions our studio to create solutions that surpass expectations.



We conduct research to gather stakeholder insights, best practices, and end user’s behaviors.



To plan with imagination and bring focus to new ideas and opportunities, we identify aspects of a project that may be influenced by an external complement of experiences and technologies. It's about dreaming and connecting dots that might not be obvious when just looking at internal research. 



We coalesce the information gathered in Discovery and Visioning to bring into focus the parameters that will guide the design direction. To distill the information at this stage means discarding those ideas or thoughts that may not fit the project ideology while weaving together other, perhaps unrelated, elements to generate a fresh perspective.



With a comprehensive road map in hand, we pursue design concepts that give definition to the project's full potential. It's about bringing something to life that doesn't already exist. 

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