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We are inspired by conversations with people. We gain momentum in our work through a depth of understanding, and we draw strength from the relationships and engagements with people formed through collaboration.

We strive for timeless designs that have a self-evident fit with their surroundings, that are carefully attuned to their use, and that contributes to making a lasting, supporting, and memorable place.



Whether designing a new facility or modifying existing structures, our creative and award-winning team welcomes the challenge of pioneering solutions that work for YOU as the Owner or end-user. Synthesis’ methods and thought leadership ensure you have a team that will build stakeholder collaboration, consensus, and create a solution that enhances your institutional goals.


visioning &
master planning

Synthesis’ discovery, vision, ideation, and creation approach synthesizes the research, analysis of existing program/facilities, and day-in-the life-atmospherics to author your vision. Immersed in your organization and culture, we question and collaborate to better understand your patrons, necessities, wishes, and goals. The objective is to create a vision that inspires, motivates, and evokes a holistic response.



Interior space can impart and represent a company’s brand and culture through its ambiance. Innovative space planning, materials, colors, lighting, and fabrics influence the environment by increasing productivity, improving focus, and creating more engaging surroundings. Our interior designs capture the essence of a client’s ethos and bring continuity to a facility’s exterior and interior spaces.



Functional building assessments evaluate current facilities with ever-changing programmatic operations, uses, and services. We can assess the programmatic and spatial functions of the facility and compare existing conditions to current and forecasted use requirements. We will work with leadership and users to identify a facility’s functional assets and liabilities. Those findings are translated into a report with recommendations that align with institutional business plans, anticipated growth, and market changes.


codes &

Changing codes, uses, and infrastructure create a variety of challenges for clients as it pertains to life safety and code compliance. Our expertise in code and industry-specific standards help to educate the client to better understand the specific deficiencies and to prioritize upgrades and modifications that fit within their capital expenditures. Cost opinions and budget analysis will help the client make informed decisions about the scope and direction of their facilities.



We integrate constructability into the design which positively impacts project costs. Build­ing material performance review and constructabil­ity criteria are all considered as the building design evolves. This carries into the construction phase. We will observe that the building envelope construction is in strict adherence with the documents and will perform as designed. Our role encompasses more than simply understand­ing how buildings, spaces, and sites relate to one an­other, it’s about making people’s lives better.

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