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INDOT Fort Wayne Administration Building
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Synthesis Incorporated spearheaded the development of a master plan for a 10-acre campus comprising nine buildings. This involved establishing design standards for the entire campus and taking the lead in designing the administration building.

Administration Building Design
Designed to optimize resources, the Administration Building prioritizes efficiency and flexibility for the Fort Wayne District Campus. Collaborative efforts with INDOT staff ensured an open floor plan, fostering easy accessibility and productivity. The central spine design, housing vertical circulation, conference rooms, and offices, allows for a clear span to the curtainwall exterior, maximizing flexibility in various work and gathering spaces. Utilizing features like light shelves and open ceilings, the building creates a stimulating environment, meeting budget constraints while exceeding original program expectations.

Iconic Symbolism
The new INDOT Fort Wayne Administration Building stands as an icon, reflecting the Core 4 Values - Respect, Teamwork, Accountability, and Excellence. Built to replace the 1976 structure, the 26,400-square-foot modern facility prioritizes effectiveness, efficiency, longevity, strength, and responsiveness to current technologies.
2014-08-03 07.02.14 - Lightened.jpg
Featuring large expanses of glass, intersecting masonry planes, and sun screens, the building achieves a modern, robust design. Careful planning and strategic placement of landscape elements enhance visitor orientation. Interior design considerations, like the creative floor plan, emphasize collaboration with INDOT staff. Orientation of closed-door offices prioritizes natural light for open workspaces, contributing to a healthy work environment. The central location of the new facility consolidates personnel, improving communication, productivity, and reducing operating costs.
Alignment with Core 4 Values
The design reflects the Core 4 Values of INDOT - Respect, Teamwork, Accountability, and Excellence. From respectful treatment to shared teamwork, individual accountability, and commitment to excellence, the facility embodies these values, providing a conducive and efficient work environment for INDOT Fort Wayne employees.
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