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25 years of providing unique design solutions through Responsible Creativity℠ and unparalleled service

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For the past 25 years, we have been unlocking the full potential of every project through commitment, consistency, and creativity. Serving a wide array of clients, our dedication to the free exchange of ideas ensures dynamic and unique project solutions that support goals, inspire interaction, and solve client problems. This dedication has resulted in Synthesis Incorporated growing to an annual design capacity of $250 million in construction valueSynthesis is Indiana’s largest woman founded and successfully led architecture business serving clients across the midwest and beyond. 

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The buildings and spaces that we create are the outcomes of an enjoyable, interactive process that allows our clients to experience their projects effortlessly. Our role encompasses more than simply understanding how buildings, spaces, and sites relate to one another, it’s about making people’s lives better. We do this by creating innovative environments in which people can live, work, and play.



Synthesis is built on a philosophy of exploration, understanding, and ideation that ensures design solutions that support goals and enhance the quality of life. The results are dynamic structures, empowering spaces, and enriched experiences. Our commitment to design, superior execution, and strict attention to our client’s needs contributes greatly to the fact that more than 90% of Synthesis’s current project list is generated by repeat clients.

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