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Indianapolis Airport Authority,
Various Customer Experience Projects
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Synthesis takes pride in enhancing the customer experience and contributing to the IAA's standing as the nation's premier travel hub. Our commitment to innovative design and customer-centric solutions has led us to collaborate on a series of projects aimed at elevating the airport experience. From cutting-edge terminals to passenger-friendly amenities, our designs strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of modern travelers.

Terminal Optimization Program
Our commitment to enhancing the traveler experience took flight with the Terminal Optimization Program (TOP) in the summer of 2017. The inception of the Terminal Optimization Committee (TOC) by the Indianapolis Airport Authority marked a pivotal moment, addressing the fundamental queries of travelers: How do I find Concourse A and B? Where is a restroom? Where can I charge my device? These questions, though seemingly straightforward, sparked a comprehensive study aimed at redefining the airport experience. The TOP, grounded in meticulous research and focused on a diverse traveler demographic, sought to elevate customer service and create memorable experiences throughout the terminal and parking facilities. Our dedication to maintaining the airport's stellar reputation and embracing Hoosier Hospitality is evident in the TOP's multifaceted approach, blending accommodations across generations and cultures. As a result, this visionary program laid the foundation for numerous concepts and initiatives, setting the stage for the Indianapolis International Airport to consistently rank as the #1 Airport in the Nation. The study's impact materialized in the $20 million Sense of Place implementation campaign, launched in 2018 and ongoing, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality, cultural representation, and authentic delight for all travelers at IND. This paved the way for subsequent projects that further elevate the airport's standing as a beacon of excellence in travel experiences.
The Luminaire Project, born out of the Terminal Optimization Program (TOP), stands as an iconic beacon at the Indianapolis International Airport (IND). In response to the initial traveler query—Where is Concourse A or B?—this innovative project emerged to simplify and enhance the decision-making process for passengers navigating the bustling terminal. Two towering LED displays, strategically placed in Civic Plaza, not only identify the concourses but also illuminate TSA security checkpoints, complete with real-time wait times. Standing at an impressive 40 feet, meticulously determined through traveler perspective studies, these Luminaires captivate visitors with dynamic animations, celebrating events like March Madness, showcasing the cityscape for year-round tourism, and teasing the iconic Indy 500. The displays, made of Indiana wood against steel and limestone, provide both a natural aesthetic appeal and functional wayfinding, guiding travelers effortlessly to the TSA entrances. The Luminaire Project embodies the essence of the city, offering a distinctive and memorable experience, ensuring IND remains a top-rated airport in North America.
Restroom Façades
The Restroom "Peek-a-Boo" Façades stand as a whimsical testament to the creativity embedded in the Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Synthesis, inspired by globally recognized iconography, crafted larger-than-life installations that go beyond mere wayfinding, aiming to welcome travelers and alleviate the stress of navigating a new space. Playful male and female figurines, skillfully assembled with metal, light, and acrylic, create a joyful disruption in the public spaces. These eye-catching installations, affectionately known as peek-a-boo by the design team, serve as more than restroom markers; they contribute to an enjoyable and memorable user experience, reinforcing the uniqueness of Indiana. Seamlessly blending into the airport's fabric, the figures emit a soft glow, creating reflections and encouraging viewers to consider the positive impact they can have on others. Crafted by specialized craftsmen, including a fish tank builder and metal fabricators, the Peek-a-Boo installations are a collaboration of beauty and function. These elegant pieces, beyond their restroom wayfinding role, contribute to enhancing the overall traveler's experience, embodying Hoosier Hospitality, and furthering the IAA's commitment to providing the highest level of customer service.
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