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Indianapolis International Airport Terminal Optimization Study
Civic, Vision Study

In the summer of 2017 the Indianapolis Airport Authority created the Terminal Optimization Committee (TOC) to help facilitate a response to the three most commonly asked questions by its travelers.

  1. How do I find Concourse A and B?

  2. Where is a restroom?

  3. Where can I charge my device?


These questions were the tip of the iceberg in considering the traveler experience element which continually has positioned them at the top of the many rankings. The Indianapolis Airport Authority’s Terminal Optimization Program (TOP) was established to ensure the highest level of customer service and outstanding experiences for its passengers and guests throughout the airport terminal and parking facilities. The program was created to provide travelers an enhanced experience and to highlight the attributes of Indianapolis. The TOP was based on a foundation of research that identified a specific traveler focus group and their inherent expectations for an effortless and memorable travel experience. The importance of the TOP is to maintain the stellar reputation that IND is known for while blending accommodations between generations and cultures, inspiring economic impact with an endorsement of the City’s many offerings, and reinforcing Hoosier Hospitality through an authentic, surprising, and delightful experience.


Project Highlights

  • Several concepts developed to ensure new traveler experience around the 5,500-acre campus and 1,200,000 SF of terminal continues to rank IND as #1 Airport in the Nation

  • Study led to the $20 million Sense of Place implementation campaign that kicked off in 2018 and continues today

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