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School of Nursing
Master Plan + Simulation Lab

The top priority of this project was to create a student-centric atmosphere supported by educational and research space. The segregated, 6-story building did not offer highly sought-after collaboration space or support current pedagogies. Armed with discovery material from whiteboard sessions with the leadership, educators, researchers, and students, Synthesis created a hub and building circulation concept that maximizes and optimizes opportunities for student-centric spaces and optimize the distribution of learning environments that promote the flexible educational spaces found in current pedagogies.

Out of that Master Plan, Synthesis designed one of the first simulation labs in the Midwest for the Indiana University School of Nursing. The School of Nursing Resource Center for Innovation is a realistic nurse training center that provides students, staff, and faculty with state-of-the-art technology that includes simulation mannequins and learning resources. Working closely with the School of Nursing, the new 10,000 SF center was designed to provide a flexible, multi-use, efficient space that simulates a variety of realistic hospital settings. The Simulation Center not only supports the advancement of the School of Nursing, placing it among the top in the country but also serves as a model education center that attracts prospective students from nursing

Project Highlights

  • Develop a student-centric atmosphere to optimize the space for flexible and dynamic learning spaces to support current pedagogies

  • Lead architect on 10,000-square-foot of one of the first simulation labs in the Midwest.