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Juan Solomon Park
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Typically, lift stations are housed in uninspired concrete block buildings. However, at Juan Solomon Park, a relatively low additional investment allowed the community to transform the lift station into an aesthetically pleasing and interactive structure, seamlessly integrated into the park’s existing canvas.

Aesthetics & Integration
The new lift station features an attractive structure with a natural stone veneer façade set at varying heights, breaking the scale and settling nicely into the park environment. The exterior is complemented by a sloped green roof, making it the first green roof on a city-owned building.
The community room boasts floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a brightly-colored playground. The playground itself, fully equipped with swings, slides, and climbing structures, utilizes a tile surface made from recycled rubber tires, ensuring a safe and soft environment. Additional features include gathering spaces, trail connections, and tennis courts.
Awards & Recognition
The project received several accolades, including the 2013 ACEC National Recognition Award, 2012 Monumental Affair Honor Award, and the 2011 ABCI Judges’ Special Award for Public Works Environmental.

Green Roof Innovation
The lift station's exterior incorporates a natural stone veneer façade and a unique sloped green roof, a first for a city-owned building. This green roof, with 11 plant varieties, manages runoff, absorbs rain, and contributes to building insulation.

Project Scope
Beyond the lift station upgrade, the project encompasses gathering spaces, a playground, and trail connections. Sustainability was a priority, leading to the incorporation of features like enhanced insulation, permeable pavement systems, bio-swales, and more for effective water management.
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