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Medical Office Building

Renewed Patient Experience Design

This single-story MOB, spanning 23,600 square feet, prioritizes delivering a renewed patient experience through thoughtful design. Incorporating simple materials like limestone, metal, and glass, the building's aesthetic diverges from the conventional, with the central connector's stone element seemingly defying gravity, creating an engaging visual impact. Intuitive wayfinding is seamlessly integrated both within the site and the building's interior, emphasizing patient accessibility. Positioned along the central axis of the site, the MOB establishes continuity through its central connector.

Innovative Approach to Patient Care

At the core of this medical office building is a commitment to enhancing patient care and satisfaction. Synthesis Incorporated, driven by the ethos of Responsible Creativity, introduced innovative design concepts rooted in research and evolving paradigms of patient care. Our approach successfully delineates patient (on-stage) and clinical zones (off-stage), providing a unique framework. Externally, the facility stands out with its unconventional use of materials, including limestone, metal, and glass, contributing to a distinct facade. The central connector's floating stone element not only defies gravity but also enhances wayfinding for patients. The building, strategically placed along the site's central axis, underscores continuity and sets the stage for a fresh patient experience within and outside the facility.

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