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Meet Martin Sams: Father, Husband, Homebrewer, Board Game Enthusiast, Cosplayer, Architect

Meet Martin Sams, AIA, LEED BD+C who has been with Synthesis for a little over a year. Martin earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University and his Master of Architecture from Lawrence Technological University. He brings 10 years of experience creating engaging and well-designed spaces as well as an extensive background in the BIM project delivery method. He is continually looking for ways to incorporate and leverage new technologies into the design process.

What is the most rewarding part about being an architect and why?

I have always found myself interested in many topics and love learning new things. Architecture is a perfect fit for someone whose mind is always racing and jumping from topic to topic because it demands a very wide breadth of knowledge. Architecture is an amalgamation of art, engineering, science, psychology, philosophy, construction, planning, graphic design, history, and the list goes on and on and is ever changing. It is this dynamic and evolving energy that keeps me going and what I love about this profession. There is always something new and something to learn every day on every project.

What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

In my free time I enjoy getting to be a kid again while raising my 3-year-old daughter, spending time with my wife, brewing beer, and running.

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

It is not something that someone specifically said to me but is a quote from the Greek statesman, Pericles: “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in monuments of stone, but what is woven into the lives of others.” This quote always reminds me that architecture should never be about the building itself, but rather should be about the experiences people have while engaged in the built environment.

What have you gained from working at Synthesis?

Not to be too on the nose, but the definition of “Synthesis” is “the combination of ideas to form a system” and I have found that to be the case. This office is a great combination of ideas and personalities that all come together to make a system that is much stronger together than any individual part would be alone. The energy that others at Synthesis bring to the office is contagious and never ceases to inspire me to do great work.

How do you define success?

For me success in our profession is when the end users of our projects enjoy and gain value from the environments we create. It’s walking into a classroom after a new school opens and seeing students learn in a day-lit classroom and having the acoustics working for the teacher and not against them. Or seeing families spending time together while using the facilities that we created at a State Park. These are the moments when I truly feel that I have succeeded as an Architect.

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