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Avon Landing

Updated: Oct 31, 2022


Civic plaza at Indianapolis International Airport will greet fans and families for the NCAA's march madness.

Situated at the intersection of the Ronald Reagan Parkway and the B&O trail a former railway turned bike and equestrian trail, Avon Landing is a 256-unit multi-family development constructed on a 19-acre site. The development site was designed to create two new bike and pedestrian trails that would intersect at the center of the site and connect to the B&O trail and the trail running parallel to Ronald Reagan. The intersecting trails were designed with generous landscape buffers on either side that incorporate outdoor gathering spaces, yard games, and other resident amenities such as places to hang hammocks. The trails were meant to be an amenity to the newly constructed neighborhood as well as the users of the larger trail network they tied into. The 10 residential buildings were organized around the two intersecting trails to give the best access to all residents and preference views of the trails.

The residential buildings were designed with gently sloping dormer roofs and corner roof planes on that serve as a subtle homage to airplane wings and the sites former use as an airport. Materials such as wood and stone-gray brick were chosen to add an inviting warmth to the structures and tie into the natural landscape of the trail in contrast to the primarily white exterior cladding which was chosen to be bright and eye catching from the trail and parkway. The interior of the apartments were designed with an entry way to allow residents to greet visitors before leading them into the open concept living space that has large windows and full glass doors looking out to the trail and surrounding neighborhood. The apartment layouts include 1 bedroom units, 2 bedroom units, and 1bedroom plus units which include a den or office space.

The community building was designed to organize the program into two zones. The first being a semi-private zone that includes the leasing offices, resident study rooms, resident conference rooms, and fitness area. The second zone is a more active public side of the building that includes resident amenities such as a community room with kitchenette, game room, pool support spaces and access to both an outdoor patio and the pool. The two zones are separated by the primary circulation corridor and offset so that the more active side can be located on the back side of the building with the pool and patio but still allow direct entry from the vestibule into the community room.

Project Highlights

  • Residential Building 1 - 40,935 SF (x4 buildings)

  • Residential Building 2 - 33,796 (x6 buildings)

  • Clubhouse - 5,150 SF

  • Garage - 3,744 SF (x4)


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