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Frugal Design Techniques Transform Visit Indy's IMS Suite

To make the bar area truly special, we explored creative alternatives to the traditional and costly wood paneling and millwork. Instead, we opted for a cost-effective approach that retained elegance and durability. A low wall with drywall was accented by a quartz cap, covered in a metallic-looking vinyl textured wall covering. This innovative choice not only reduced expenses but also provided a custom metal panel appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space.

While quartz was reserved for the bar area, we decided on a less expensive grey solid surface for the banquette. Not only did this choice contribute to cost savings, but it also served a practical purpose by concealing potential food spills, ensuring easy maintenance and longevity. We carried the grey solid surface from the banquette and matched it with the laminate used on the tables, creating a cohesive and visually appealing theme throughout the suite.

Incorporating frugality and style, we decided to forego backsplash in the areas where it was traditionally used. Instead, we extended the wall finish straight down, lending the space a clean and modern appearance while simultaneously reducing expenses.

In addition to addressing the challenges of Visit Indy's Indianapolis Motor Speedway Suite redesign, we also explored innovative ways to infuse the space with uniqueness and character. While other suites often featured expensive paneling or intricate 3D elements on their walls, we sought a more cost-effective approach without compromising on storytelling and visual appeal.

To achieve a captivating and budget-friendly solution, we decided to create a low-opacity wallpaper inspired by old Indianapolis maps. This clever choice not only added interest to the walls but also served as a means to narrate the rich history of Visit Indy and its connection to the city. By incorporating this creative touch, we managed to elevate the suite's ambiance and stay true to Visit Indy's vision while staying within their budget constraints.

By focusing on cost-effective solutions that preserved style, quality, and accessibility, we successfully transformed the suite into a fresh, simple, and contemporary space that perfectly aligned with Visit Indy’s vision. It's a testament to the fact that innovative design doesn't always require a lavish budget; it's about understanding the needs and utilizing creativity to achieve remarkable results. Visit Indy's refreshed suite stands as a testament to the power of frugal and thoughtful interior design.


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