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From Carpet Design to Rare Collector's Pin

Lynda Anderson's iconic carpet design was commemorated during Gen Con 2022

Every year nearly 500,000 people parade upon the Indiana Convention Center, and serial convention-goers (such as some of the ~68,000 Gen Con attendees) are no stranger to the iconic carpet designs. When patrons of Gen Con heard the news that it was time for the 12-year-old carpet to be updated, admirers commented how awesome it would be to have some of the carpet for their home game rooms.

"Art and design affect how we perceive the world by fostering connections and generating memories. So happy to hear these flooring designs have connected with Gen Con attendees in such a special way." Lynda Anderson

For Gen Con 2022, Pin Bazaar created a collectable pin commemorating Lynda's iconic carpet design as a result of the appreciation for the design. Convention-goers had to trade 7 or more pins for the chance to get the rare carpet design pin.

Behind the Design

The total project included 45,000 square yards of carpet that was inspired by Indiana's geography. Indiana is broken up into three main physical regions, the Great Lakes Plain in the northern third, the Tipton Till Plain in the central third, and the Southern Hills and Lowlands region in the southern third. All of these regions are depicted in floor patterns throughout the Indiana Convention Center. The pin replicates the Tipton Till Plain inspired carpet. Lynda's design is based on aerial photography of farmlands and crop circles.


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