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Healing Hues: Color in a Healthcare Environment

The quality of our environment effects how we live and thrive within it. Healthcare environments administer care, physically and emotionally. At Synthesis we understand that our environment can influence how our bodies heal and respond emotionally. Many elements affect how our bodies react to an environment: sense of scale, air quality, environmental control, viewpoints, and color. Color influences how we feel and set a mood and provide direction. We relate color to places we have been and things we have seen. On a warm summer day, it’s more comfortable to be in a soft cyan and green room reminiscent of water, as opposed to a red and orange one reminding us of fire. Throughout design development, Synthesis researches how color could impact our clients. We evaluate common connotations associated with particular colors and optimal colors that will best achieve design objectives.

Recently Synthesis completed a linear accelerator renovation project. A linear accelerator treats cancer patients, which can be a very intimidating space due to the massive equipment surrounding a patient. Our design team chose to offset the clinical atmosphere by incorporating color into the ceiling and accents around the room. We purposefully avoided vibrant orange and red hues, as these can promote more anxiety. As blue and green hues are proven to relieve stress and promote harmony. We incorporated predominately blues and greens in an opaque back-lit ceiling panels, designed by Vara Kamin. The linear accelerator space utilizes color to promote healing and harmony. Synthesis thoughtfully approaches every project in the same manner, addressing color and how color can best enhance our clients’ interior spaces.

For further reading on color and emotions, in a healing environment, check out this link:


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