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INDOT Fort Wayne Administration Building


Civic plaza at Indianapolis International Airport will greet fans and families for the NCAA's march madness.

This new INDOT Fort Wayne Administration Building serves as an icon for the district paying tribute to the Core 4 Values mentioned below and the people who practice those values every day.

The INDOT Fort Wayne staff were proud of their previous administration building. It was built in 1976 and for more than 35 years, only had minor changes. So, it was in this spirit that the new Administration Building was designed, as they had outgrown their existing building. Being mindful of the limited resources, the new 26,400 square foot modern facility was designed to create an effective and efficient work environment that promotes an image of longevity, strength and responsiveness to current technologies.

The result is a strong and striking building that features large expanses of glass, intersecting masonry planes and sun screens that combined, achieves the desired modern, strong design. A large masonry plane divides the building and creates a logical hierarchy which quickly orients visitors to the site. Visitor orientation is further reinforced by aligning the entry with Hatfield Drive and through strategic placement of landscape elements. Money was saved by reducing the overall height of the building, exposing the ductwork and carefully planning the layout of the deck mounted acoustic material. Acoustic control has been further enhanced by installing ceiling “clouds” which not only echo the look and material of the sun screens installed along the glass walls, but are also highly effective in maintaining a quiet office environment.

Project Highlights

  • Worked with the client to reduce the program by a third of the original master plan

  • 26,400 Sq. Ft. modernized facility

"Intersecting planes echo the streets cared for by those who work here, the curtain walls bring the outside in, creating stunning architecture that conveys strength and longevity"

The floor plan was creatively organized through collaboration with INDOT staff. An item of importance for the staff, was easy accessibility and flow to enhance productivity and effectiveness of daily activities. Another item of importance was the use of natural light. Both important items were successfully addressed by orienting the closed door offices in the center of the building, which allowed all open workspaces to take full advantage of the natural light. The glass walls flood the workspaces with natural light and the interior/exterior sunshades are carefully engineered to control the light. This promotes a healthy work environment as the visual connection to the out of doors enhances the staff’s space. The lobby boasts a striking open staircase designed with glass and steel balusters. The modern architecture is clean, concise, strong and most of all cost efficient.

This new facility provided INDOT Fort Wayne employees with a central location. Previously they had three different facilities to house all employees. The central location for all personnel, improves communication and productivity and reduces operating costs.

The Core 4 Values of INDOT are:

  1. Respect – treat others fairly. Value the individual skills, experience, diversity and contributions of fellow employees,

  2. Teamwork – share information and seek input from co-workers and agency partners to achieve goals,

  3. Accountability – take personal responsibility for actions and decisions,

  4. Excellence – provide exceptional customer service through individual initiative, innovation, and delivery of quality results.


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