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Lawrence Trades District Master Planning


Civic plaza at Indianapolis International Airport will greet fans and families for the NCAA's march madness.

In January of 2021, the design team of Synthesis Incorporated, V3 Companies, and Accompany LLC was engaged to work with the City of Lawrence and the Lawrence Redevelopment Commission to create a strategic Master Development Plan of a Cluster District rooted in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Through rigorous site analysis, stakeholder input, and concept development, a Master Development plan was developed with the intent to galvanize community support for this initiative and to bring economic and social opportunity to its people. Strategic investment into select infrastructure and development projects aims to catalyze growth within the site of the Trades District, as well as, set a precedent for similar development to occur in adjacent areas of the city.

The team conducted numerous, broad-reaching, stakeholder interviews and generated thoughtful analysis to inform decision making and generate a comprehensive masterplan for the district. From the discovery phase, a site organization concept, predicated on connectivity and safety, was developed. The functional program was overlayed with the site organization, giving the district form and structure. Priority projects were identified to spur development and infrastructure costs were generated to lay out a strategic, fiscal plan for the city.

The location of the Trades District provides convenient access to the wider region of the city and state by way of Interstate 465, and the existing construction trades entities currently located on this site provide an inherent concentration of symbiotic industry partners. Leveraging this site as a construction trades-oriented cluster district merges a local strength with a greater, regional opportunity.


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