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Lucas Oil Stadium Renovations

Updated: Nov 11, 2022


Civic plaza at Indianapolis International Airport will greet fans and families for the NCAA's march madness.

Renovation of Suites, Quarterback Suite, Locker Rooms, and Administrative Offices.

Design and Architecture

Lucas Oil Stadium’s architectural style and theme continue to be relevant to the Indianapolis Colts franchise, fans, and Indianapolis. It was desirable to maintain this design theme in renovated areas and refresh suites with contemporary finishes and furnishings that complement the existing architecture.


On par with vertical market trends, floor finishes are simple, understated, and do not incorporate the team logo. Finish palette utilizes neutral colors, such as white, gray, brown, and tan, and woven-looking patterns that complement existing wood cabinets and blue stadium carpeting. Flooring textures and colors camouflage wear patterns and occasional food and drink spillage.

Furniture styles support how people use suites to entertain, network, and watch events. Existing heavy lounge chairs and coffee tables were replaced with harvest (high top) tables and barstools. The room is anchored around a harvest table to encourage circulation, enabling suite holders to mingle easily with clients and customers while maintaining sightlines of the field. Furniture styles are contemporary and incorporate popular, durable finishes such as light-colored quartz.

Quarterback Suite

Following vertical market trends, furnishings support a variety of ways that people use this room. To maintain clear sightlines of the field, tall furnishings, such as harvest and cocktail tables, are used farther back in the space with dining height tables and lower seating located closer to stadium entrances. Existing heavy lounge chairs and coffee tables were replaced with “lighter” modern styles in casual arrangements that promote conversation and movement. Like the suites, furniture finishes include popular, durable materials such as light-colored quartz and metal.

New Premium Furnishings

  • Stainless steel harvest tables with white quartz tops

  • Vegan leather upholstered barstools

New Contemporary Finishes

  • Crisp white painted walls, replacing current gold wall covering

  • Classic gray patterned carpet


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