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Meet Bruce Anderson: Collector, Humorist, Teacher, Preserver, Building Whisperer and Architect

Bruce has been with Synthesis for 15 years. He has a command of over 35 architectural building systems and has completed extensive assessments of 56 buildings, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of building skin systems. Sought by clients for his collegial approach and scientific mind, he ensures that our design innovation is complemented with constructible and maintainable approaches. Bruce also contributes as a spec writer, code reviewer, design detail advisor, historical preservation designer, and mentor. Bruce will help anyone, at anytime, with anything. We are very lucky to have him!

What inspires you?

Individuals who choose quality and craftsmanship as their guideposts. That choice will be reflected in physical objects they create, their personal efforts for employers, and their relationships with all walks of life. They are objectives that fewer seem to have been concerned with recently, but I see a revival in attitudes towards these ideals from which we all will benefit.

What was your first job?

Landscape laborer, almost a whole summer. I don’t think I have had a dirtier job than laying wet, fresh cut sod. By the end of a hot August, day neither I nor my coworkers were recognizable. Black “dirt” was stuck in my pores for a week and the clothing was pitched due to the smell. That day was the end of my first job. I sought an upgrade in the fast food industry.

What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

I give a good deal of time to Boy Scout Troop 174. I believe strongly in the positive influence Scouting can have in our community, turning immature, distracted boys into focused young men who become our future leaders. I spend most of my time improving my home, or at least trying to mitigate its further deterioration. Then there are many hobbies and collections I enjoy when possible as a woodworker, philatelist (look it up), modeler, reader, etc.

Proudest professional moment?

I believe I have several years of future practice remaining as an architect. So, I hope that moment is yet to be realized.


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