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Meet Nathan Banker: Husband, Father, Student, Designer, Ironman, Motivated

Meet Nathan Banker who has been with Synthesis for nearly three years. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from Ball State University and is currently working on his Master's. As a project designer, Nathan specializes in the 3D graphic interpretation of design by introducing mixed media into a project during its design phases to help a client understand a space. He is artistically talented and brings a wealth of design and detail in each concept he creates.

What is the most rewarding part about being a project designer and why?

The design process of a project designer highlights the fun parts of school with the reality that it will get built...usually. Realizing that what you create will be part of the physical world is a special experience regardless of its size, purpose, or scope.

What do you enjoy doing on your free time?

I used to be so cool, riding race bikes through the country, running before dawn, even swim in open water lakes surrounded by the early morning fog. I spend most of my time now cleaning up the trail of toys and slobber left by my eight-month-old. ​​

What is the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Don't be limited to what you haven't seen yet. It always stuck with me, thinking that there are no more original ideas was a crazy way to limit my ideas and concepts. We are always changing and evolving into what we, as a society, need. So, let's make something crazy and have fun with it!

What have you gained from working at Synthesis?

Working at Synthesis has taught me how to really hone in on a detailed scale. Anyone can get a set of drawings prepared, but really appreciating the details brings out a beauty that few architects get to experience these days.

How would you define your design style?

My design style can be best described as gravity / physics defying. Why be limited by reality when you can come up with something impossible. That's what construction documentation is for!


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