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Purdue University
Indiana Corn & Soybean Innovation Center Soil Processing Addition Study
Location: West Lafayette, IN

In collaboration with Applied Engineering, the Synthesis team utilized their extensive soil research expertise to support Purdue University in developing a Feasibility Study for an addition to the Indiana Corn and Soybean Innovation Center (ICSIC). Focused on enhancing soil sample preparation for research, the design aims to streamline processes and provide a collaborative space for researchers.

Discovery and Planning

The project initiated with a comprehensive discovery phase, incorporating campus-wide stakeholder interviews, industry tours, and thorough equipment manufacturer research. This meticulous process culminated in a detailed document outlining the program, schematic floor plans, system requirements, and estimated construction costs.

Soil Sample Preparation

Acknowledging the challenges of time-consuming, inconsistent, and potentially unsafe soil sample preparation, the design consolidates these processes into a centralized location. This facility allows researchers from various departments to efficiently prepare samples and share insights on best practices.

Design Concept

Complementing the existing ICSIC building, the Soils Processing Addition embraces a high-bay massing to the west, harmonizing with the overall structure while maintaining a distinctive presence. Drawing inspiration from agrarian architecture, the design incorporates double-pitched roofs reminiscent of barns and sheds, staying true to the rural context. Achieving this architectural vision is seamlessly integrated within the framework of pre-engineered metal building construction.

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