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Purdue Ag Alumni Seed Phenotyping Facility
Higher Ed, Life Sciences

The Ag Alumni Seed Phenotyping Facility project is an agricultural research facility on the south side of Purdue’s main campus. In this first-of-its-kind facility, the researchers grow full-height corn in controlled environment growth chambers and convey them through large photo booths to record a variety of data points.

One of the greatest challenges was to construct and detail the new building within the original 1950’s greenhouse range as this building became the interface between an exiting office/lab building and the greenhouses.


The patterns in the precast panels reflect the punched openings of the traditional campus architecture. However, specifically textured form liners were selected to reference plant-life and the work taking place in the building, a means to tell a story through the architecture.


Project Highlights

  • This 10,400 SF facility is one of the first in the country capable of imaging full height corn

  • Creative solutions and use of materials for the exterior envelope

  • Use of a pre-cast concrete system saved costs over typical brick construction and facilitated winter construction

  • Adherence to a tight design schedule to expedite a “first to market” position for this state-of-the-art facility

  • Provided video “fly-through” of space for the promotion of the facility to faculty and students as well as potential funding sources Creative development of “science on display” within the facility and from the connecting corridor.

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