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Purdue University
Turfgrass Center Addition Study, Feasibility Study
Location: West Lafayette, IN

In collaboration with Purdue University, Synthesis spearheaded a comprehensive design process to conduct a feasibility study and formulate a master plan for the William H. Daniel Turfgrass Research & Diagnostic Center (Turfgrass Center). This endeavor involved a thorough discovery phase, incorporating stakeholder engagement, peer benchmarking, and existing infrastructure analysis. Through iterative and collaborative efforts, the team developed a strategic plan outlining phased construction projects to address critical challenges and capitalize on opportunities at the Turfgrass Center.

Background and Significance

Established in 1996, the Turfgrass Center plays a pivotal role in the Purdue University College of Agriculture. Beyond being a hub for research and education in turfgrass management, it serves as a vital link to the broader turfgrass and agriculture community through local training and events like the annual Turf & Landscape Field Day. While research and programming have expanded over the years, the site's infrastructure has largely remained untouched for the past 25 years. The team identified three key goals to catalyze progress:

  1. Enhance Safety: Strategically locate and separate incompatible functions.

  2. Facilitate Research: Empower individual users through the creation of functional spaces and operational efficiency.

  3. Promote Engagement: Improve group spaces with enhanced access to diverse modes of communication.


Community Impact and Future Vision

Already a platform for community engagement, the Turfgrass Center's large, campus-adjacent meeting space and educational programs serve as a bridge between the university's work and a broader community. Ongoing updates and improvements aim to elevate the center's ability to promote Purdue's initiatives and foster increased community involvement.

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