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SureTech Laboratories
Location: Plainfield, IN

Synthesis collaborated closely with the client and engineers to seamlessly incorporate expansive and intricate laboratory testing procedures for various agricultural media. This transformative effort has consolidated SureTech's capabilities, enabling them to efficiently sort, process, and analyze samples sent by farmers across the nation within a singular facility. The strategic arrangement of general-purpose and specialized laboratories, coupled with industrial-scale processing equipment and automated conveyance systems, ensures SureTech achieves consistently reliable results.

Beyond operational efficiency, the resultant facility establishes a work environment that prioritizes safety, cleanliness, and overall employee satisfaction for both SureTech staff and researchers. Boasting 30,000 SF of cutting-edge laboratories and 10,000 SF of modern offices, the facility goes a step further with a 4,000 SF observation mezzanine. This mezzanine not only serves as a testament to SureTech's capabilities but also provides an engaging platform for them to showcase their processes to potential clients, offering a transparent view of their testing prowess.

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