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The Landing
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Nestled at the crossroads of the Ronald Reagan Parkway and the B&O trail, The Landing unfolds as a 256-unit multi-family haven, embracing a 19-acre canvas. This visionary development not only provides a contemporary living space but also intertwines seamlessly with the surrounding bike and equestrian trails. In this meticulously designed community, intersecting trails become a focal point for connectivity, recreation, and a vibrant living experience.

Interwoven Trails: A Central Hub of Connectivity
The Landing's 19-acre site was crafted with a purpose — to weave two new bike and pedestrian trails converging at the heart of the development. These trails extend their embrace to connect with the B&O trail and the parallel Ronald Reagan trail, creating a network of paths that are more than just conduits; they are outdoor havens with landscaped buffers, communal spaces, and recreational amenities. The intentional design transforms the trails into a cherished amenity for both the community and the larger network they seamlessly integrate with.
Interior Model.jpg
At the heart of The Landing lies the community building, strategically organized into two zones. The semi-private realm houses leasing offices, study rooms, conference spaces, and fitness areas, ensuring residents have a dedicated space for work and leisure. On the flip side, the more active public zone welcomes social gatherings, gaming sessions, and poolside relaxation. The design ensures a harmonious balance, making the community building a central hub of engagement and interaction.
Architectural Homage: Where Roofs Echo History
The 10 residential buildings stand as a testament to thoughtful design, featuring gently sloping dormer roofs and corner roof planes that subtly pay homage to the site's aviation history. The use of wood and stone-gray brick adds a welcoming touch, blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Contrasting the primarily white exterior, chosen for visibility and allure, these structures provide residents with inviting interiors, accentuated by large windows and glass doors that frame views of the trails and neighborhood.

Diverse Living Spaces: Apartments Tailored for Comfort
Inside, The Landing caters to a spectrum of lifestyles with thoughtfully designed apartments. From 1-bedroom units to 2-bedroom layouts and 1-bedroom plus units featuring a den or office space, each residence is a canvas for personal comfort. The open-concept living areas create a seamless flow, with abundant natural light drawing the eye to the scenic beauty beyond the glass.

Project Highlights
  • Residential Building 1: 40,935 SF (x4 buildings)

  • Residential Building 2: 33,796 SF (x6 buildings)

  • Clubhouse: 5,150 SF

  • Garage: 3,744 SF (x4)

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