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Visit Indy IMS Suite
Civic, Interior Design

Since 1923 Visit Indy has served as Indianapolis’ official destination marketing organization. As the City’s host, Visit Indy entertains many visitors in their Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tower Terrace Suite during the spring and summer race seasons. Last updated in the 1980’s by a previous tenant, Suite 16 needed a design refresh that incorporated accessible elements and current IMS facility standards.  

The revised floor plan includes a larger bar and accessible restroom, buffet counter, and dining area. Bar amenities include additional refrigerator space, a large capacity ice maker, a deeper sink, and larger serving/work areas.  Simple economical materials such as blacked steel plastic laminate, white quartz countertops, and silver vinyl wall covering stem from a black and white race theme and provide a neutral backdrop for City and race-themed décor. 

Alexander Ralston’s 1821 original plat of Indianapolis inspired the gray and white dining wall graphics and represent where Visit Indy started. Vibrant photographs of Indianapolis today celebrate what Indianapolis has become and is becoming. 

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