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Indiana War Memorial Life Safety Improvements
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Built in 1924 to honor the sacrifices of Hoosier veterans, the neoclassical Indiana War Memorial stands as an iconic symbol in the Indianapolis skyline. As the museum within the Memorial evolved beyond its initial design, unforeseen life safety challenges arose. Synthesis Incorporated is spearheading a meticulous restoration project to safeguard this historic landmark and its cherished artifacts.

Museum Evolution and Life Safety Challenges
Spaces intended for meetings and banquets transformed into exhibit areas, compromising exit paths and doors. While a testament to the museum's success, this unplanned evolution necessitated addressing critical life safety issues.
Screen Shot 2023-11-27 at 10.20.55 AM.png
Our restoration efforts focus on the original windows, bronze doors, and entryways, ensuring they are meticulously preserved and secured. Additionally, the intricate hand-drawn blueprints by architects Walker and Weeks, dating back to 1923, are receiving careful attention.
Historical Expertise and Value-Based Recommendations
With a wealth of experience in assessing historical facilities, Synthesis Incorporated delivers value-based recommendations that manage risks and promote the Memorial's longevity. Through a comprehensive review, we assure the owner that their investment aligns with institutional plans, growth expectations, and market changes.

Collaborative Approach and Functional Assessment
Collaborating closely with leadership and users, we identify the building's functional assets and liabilities. Our assessment, translated into a detailed report, serves as a strategic roadmap aligned with institutional business plans, anticipated growth, and evolving market dynamics.
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