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3 ways Synthesis is helping Indy welcome fans to Indiana for the Indy 500

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Civic plaza at Indianapolis International Airport will greet fans and families for the NCAA's march madness.

Indianapolis is preparing for visitors from across the globe to descend upon the Hoosier state for the Indianapolis 500, and many of the families and fans will arrive via the award-winning Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Upon arrival, travelers will be greeted by three improvements that Synthesis and the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) have worked together on over the past several years to ensure our visitor’s time spent in the terminal and civic plaza is as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

These efforts were all born out of a study conducted in 2017 to create a “Sense of Place” for travelers. This research discovered that travelers experienced anxiety around three topics when visiting IND:

  1. Finding the correct Concourse: A or B

  2. Locating the nearest restrooms

  3. Charging their electronic devices

As part of the Terminal Optimization Program (TOP), which resulted from that research, Synthesis worked with IAA on these three initiatives to enhance the overall travel experience and address these concerns.

40-ft digital displays provide immediate and recognizable info about where the concourse travelers need are located.

Go big or go home

Wayfinding that is immediately identifiable and cuts through the clutter of other retail signage was the objective. This goal was met with the creation of two 40-ft tall digital displays, known as Luminaires, that are visible as you leave the ticketing area and enter Civic Plaza. These eye-popping Luminaires make it easy for travelers to determine where they need to go to reach their desired concourse. Learn more about this unique wayfinding solution here. As part of the original design, the digital displays can change to fit any occasion, like the Indy 500. This is just one of the many ways that the IAA has prepared for the influx of travelers, learn more about how the IAA has rolled out the red carpet for visitors.

When you gotta go

For anyone traveling, especially those with little ones, the next question on the top of any visitor’s mind is, “where are the restrooms?”. Again, Synthesis and the IAA took a unique approach to help traveler’s ease their minds and quickly identify the closest restroom. Playful forms beckon travelers with pops of light and color to a whimsical and unexpected experience as they locate the nearest restroom. These wayfinding friends create a positive and lasting experience and can easily be seen from across the terminal or plaza. To further enhance the experience, several restrooms in each concourse feature video walls that share the stories of some of our most prominent Hoosiers, such as legendary author, Kurt Vonnegut. These animated vignettes help illustrate that Indiana is more than corn, cars, or basketball, it has a deep and rich cultural history too. Check out these welcoming restrooms

Video wall entertains and educates travelers as they visit restrooms beckoned by 8-feet tall wayfinding figures.

Running on empty

One of the earliest initiatives that Synthesis was able to help the IAA achieve involved some cosmetic changes to the terminals, including the creation of custom carpet that visually integrates while simultaneously guiding travelers to various spots throughout the concourse where they can relax as they wait for their flight to depart and maybe more importantly, to charge their electronic devices. Synthesis made recommendation to increase the number of charging ports to provide power for every seat in the concourses, ensuring a greater percentage of travelers will have access to an electrical outlet. A fully charged mobile phone is one of the most important security blankets a traveler can have, especially during the greatest spectacle in racing.

Charging ports at each seat, help travelers keep electronic devices fully charged.

We are thrilled to have played a part in the effort to welcome everyone to Indiana as we enjoy not only the Indy 500 but all of the related events. Our relationship with the IAA remains strong as we continue to look at new and innovative ways to welcome visitors and enhance their overall travel experience as they visit Indy.

Learn about our commitment to our clients and end results, visit our portfolio to see some of our other results.


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