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Bruce Anderson is Presented with Fire Starter Award!

Congratulations to Bruce Anderson, AIA, LEED AP, Forensic and Technical Architect at Synthesis for being this quarter's Fire Starter Award recipient.

Synthesis' leadership is reinforced with the skill of our building envelope specialist, Bruce Anderson, who has a command of over 35 architectural building systems and has completed extensive assessments of 56 buildings resulting in a comprehensive understanding of building skin systems. Sought by clients for his collegial approach and scientific mind, he ensures that our design innovation is complemented with constructible and maintainable approaches.

Bruce contributes as a spec writer, code reviewer, design detail advisor, historical preservation designer, and mentor. Bruce will help anyone, at anytime, with anything. We are very lucky to have him!

About the Fire Starter Award

This award is Synthesis Incorporated’s quarterly honor given to a project team or individual within the firm for exemplifying outstanding work on a project or within the office. Based on employee nominations, the Leadership Team selects the winning recipient or team to receive the award.

Criteria for this prestigious award includes performance that goes above and beyond normal expectations as it relates to the following criteria:

  • Outstanding project performance

  • Exceeding client service expectations

  • Extraordinary team work resulting in increased productivity and morale

  • Exceptionally innovative/creative design

  • Creativity in new and innovative methods and procedures

  • Outstanding financial/schedule/quality performance

Thank you, Bruce, and congratulations!


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