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Emerging Trends to Help Facilitate Feeding the World

In our recent blog post, Phenomics: Challenging New Technologies to Solve a World Wide Issue, we asked you to view the world-population meter and ask yourself how do we feed all of these people?

An amazing statistic is that more food must be produced in the next fifty years than has been produced in the last 10,000 years combined to sustain this vast population. We talked about Phenomics and studying the physical and biochemical attributes in Plants.

This article, Fully Enabling Genome-Editing System for Crop Improvement Launched, discusses modernizing "our food system with simpler ingredients and production methods focused on plant-based proteins and ancient grains, natural disease resistance, and other targets that create more choice for both farmers and consumers.”

This system uses “predictive analytics” in a cloud based format that “grows smarter” each time data is entered.


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